Start Utilizing a Green Energy Source in the Ellensburg, Yakima, Kennewick, & Pasco, WA Area

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If you want to start saving money on monthly electric bills and
reduce your carbon footprint, we want to help you achieve those
goals. That's why Ellensburg Solar provides a wide variety of solar
services for home and business owners in the pacific northwest.
Whether you already have a system that needs to be upgraded, a
repair or are looking to install a new system, we will create a
proposal based on your unique project.

What to consider before hiring Ellensburg Solar for your solar project

  • Deciding whether you would prefer to have the solar panels on a roof on the property or if you are adding solar on one of our ground-mounted systems. Our team can advise on either type of system based on your electric usage, space on your property or roof, and budget for your project.
  • Consider the benefits of a battery backup system which will allow your system to store battery power in case of a power
    outage or an off-grid solar system which will allow you to be
    independent from a power company.
  • For more information about our commercial and residential solar
    systems, contact our office today to set up a meeting or talk to a

Depend on us to provide all the solar installation services you need.

Choose a solar provider you can count on

  • We are a full-service solar company located in Ellensburg Washington
  • Ellensburg Solar will never subcontract any part of your project. Our electricians, roofing crew, office staff, and account managers
    all work together in the same office to make your solar
    experience simple.
  • When it comes to selecting solar panels, inverters, batteries, etc. we have a team that works hard to keep prices low and quality
    high on all equipment used for your solar system.


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