Solar Energy Systems


We install Talesun 320 watt ALL-BLACK solar panels. These panels offer 9% more power than conventional modules and offer excellent performance a low irradiance of up to: 97.5%. That means you produce energy even on overcast days!

We offer financing through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union and they offer a $0 down low interest monthly payment loan that is typically less than you current energy bill. Include that with the Federal Tax Credit of 22% (22% off!).
Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. It produces zero pollutants and significantly reduces (if not totally eliminates) the need for non-renewable energy sources when used in a home or business.

At Ellensburg Solar we offer many different solar system products to fit a variety of solar applications, meaning your project has options. Below are two general layouts of solar energy units and why they might work for you.

Roof-Mounted Solar System

By far the most common solution, Roof-Mounted solar systems are water tight to prevent any leakage and have the advantage of not taking up any additional ground space. These solar systems are easily integrated into a new home plan, or can be retrofitted to accommodate even the oldest buildings. Roof-Mounted solar systems are much lighter than they may appear and oftentimes give added support to the structure that they cover.

Ground-Mounted Solar System

Ground-Mounted solar systems are ideal for people who don't have enough roof space, have too much shade on their roof, or simply like the aesthetic of a ground mounted unit. Our Ground-Mounted solar systems are built from scratch and can be placed nearly anywhere that has sufficient space, sunlight and power access.