The Process

What is the first step to start my solar installation with Ellensburg Solar?

Send us your utility bill, setup a meeting with one of our account managers for a site visit, then sit back and relax! We will handle the rest.

Who will turn in all the permits with the county?

We do! We will get all the information we need from you, then handle all the paperwork plus all the fees are included in the overall price.

Once my system is installed, how much maintenance will a system require?

Little to none. Our systems do not need to be cleaned unless we have a harsh smokey season. The winter weather will help clean your panels in the winter and any wind or rain will keep them clean throughout the year.

Can Ellensburg Solar install on any type of roof?

Yes, each roof has different types of attachments.

Can Ellensburg Solar install solar on a ground structure?

Yes, we can build a ground mounted solar array as long as it's follow the county restrictions.