The Return

Will I get paid for the energy I produce?

You will get credits front the utility company that will pay for your bills when you are not producing electricity. This is called Net Metering. Every kilowatt hour you produce, you will get a credit that will go towards your bill.

How long will it take to payback my system?

Many variables affect this answer but overall it will be a 8-10 year payback depending on your tax liability, the system size, and your electric usage.

What are the warranties for my solar system?

  • Any solar panel we choose to install has a 25 year efficiency warranty
  • Our inverters hold a 12-25 year warranty based on what type of inverter was installed
  • The racking system has a 20 year warranty
  • Ellensburg Solar holds a one year workmanship warranty for systems we install

How do I know my system is producing?

All Ellensburg Solar systems will have a monitoring system that our team will set up so you can monitor your system.

Can Ellensburg Solar install solar on a ground structure?

Yes, we can build a ground mounted solar array as long as it's follow the county restrictions.